Power Requirements

Many exhibition and event venues are rich in natural light, but often that’s not quite enough to make the right impact. Oftentimes, the natural light is incredibly limited. By working with us, you can have access to great, reliable lighting, which can help you highlight what you’re proud of or even just make your stand really shine.

If you’re looking to power up appliances on your stand, you’ll need to hire sockets. Whether you’re powering a laptop with a domestic plug, or heavy machinery with a CEE Form plug, you’ll find sockets and supplies to power them all. In exhibition halls, you often don’t have access to what you need and it can be hard to determine what would make most sense without professional advice and installation.

At Exhibition Power Lighting Systems, we work with you to offer advice you can always depend on to make sure you’re receiving just what you need.

  • 500w SOCKET

Will run Laptop, Phone charger or Small screen(tv)

  • 1000w SOCKET

Will run 2 small screens, Laptop, Small printer or LED Projector

  • 2000w SOCKET

Will run Small coffee machine, Low powered kettle or Photocopier

  • 3000w SOCKET

Will run Standard kettle, Large coffee machine, 2 Large screens + Laptop or Large photocopier

Whether you’re looking to make your area stand out, you want to effectively display what you have to offer or even make your stand inviting and increase your engagement, contact us. We want to help you retain people for the full duration of your event. If you’re looking to avoid people leaving your conference early, ensure the suppliers match your level of effort and professionalism and your guests get the best.

If you’re interested in our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re friendly, approachable and passionate about what we do and helping our clients.